Any item purchased from can be returned within 3 working days only if the item has manufacturers defect.

Please keep your original invoices and other attached documents receipt as it is your proof of purchase and if you intend to return any item within the conditions below. No exchange return will be considered without it.

  1. Return is only possible ONLY within 3days of purchase from date of invoice.
  2. For items with glass material e.g. TV’s and Gas Cooker, please ensure the item is checked before signing acknowledgment of receiving the item in good condition.
  3. For products like generators, small appliances and other kitchen appliances, power & backup appliance carry in service, please check also to ensure the condition is perfect before signing the acknowledgment.
  4. If the item purchased, you receive is defective and requires repair after the 3-day return period, then standard warranty conditions of the manufacturer shall apply.
  5. A refund can only be initiated when a customer has made payment online and decides to cancel his/her order. Note; The settlement will only be paid into the same account that the customer has used to pay for his/her order and the refund process takes about 5 - 7 working days.

If you receive a wrong purchase order, or if the item(s) purchased is/are missing from your delivery package, please call +234 08129146027 immediately for redress, clarification, and rectification and a correct order will be re-delivered to you.

For further enquiries, please call +234 08129146027 or email

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