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Introducing the BCS-170EI Chest Freezer, the ultimate solution to all your food preservation needs. This powerful and sleek freezer is designed to cater to a wide range of customers who demand nothing but the best when it comes to preserving their food items. Keep reading to discover how our unique product features will revolutionize the way you store your groceries!


  • Inverter Powerful Compressor
  • Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Lid
  • Electronic Touch Control
  • Super Freezing
  • Sterilization & Deodorization
  • Turbo Pan – Metal Cooling

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    Inverter Powerful Compressor

    Kiss goodbye to energy-draining freezer systems! The BCS-170EI Chest Freezer boasts an Inverter Powerful Compressor that ensures optimal energy efficiency while providing consistent cooling temperatures. You’ll never have to worry about food spoiling or skyrocketing energy bills again.

    Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Lid

    Our premium freezer comes with an ultra-thin tempered glass lid that not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the product, but also offers unmatched durability. The sturdy lid is capable of holding up against daily wear and tear while maintaining its elegant appearance.

    Electronic Touch Control

    Convenience is the key with BCS-170EI’s Electronic Touch Control system. Operate your chest freezer effortlessly with just a touch of a button, and enjoy precise control over temperature settings to ensure optimal food preservation.

    Super Freezing

    Need to freeze large quantities of food within a short time frame? Worry not! The Super Freezing feature in our chest freezer efficiently brings down the temperature, preserving the taste and nutritional value of your food items without any hassle.

    Sterilization & Deodorization

    The modern consumer demands a hygienic and odor-free environment for their food storage, which is precisely what the BCS-170EI delivers. Our innovative Sterilization & Deodorization technology effectively eliminates bacteria and keeps the freezer free from unpleasant smells all the time.

    Turbo Pan – Metal Cooling

    An exclusive feature of our chest freezer, the Turbo Pan – Metal Cooling technology guarantees faster cooling by efficiently distributing cold air within the appliance. Say hello to fresher and better-tasting food, always!

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